Welcome 2015

I've set a few goals for myself in 2015. I'm starting the year off with a mural residency at Tupper Secondary, it's a big wall and a big project that will take me into the Spring.  I would like to focus more energy on murals, whether they are commissioned or just personal, painting more large cohesive murals will really help me grow as an artist.  I also have a bit of a personaI resolution to start creating more creative and exciting art. In 2014 I focussed a lot of attention on technique and building my skill set. Although I still have a lot more to learn I would like to move back into mixed media work and get dirty and experimental again. I have a plan to travel  and show art in Edmonton in March.  I would also like to show more work internationally. I have my sights set on a residency in Haida Gwaii in the early summer. I've always wanted to go up there to create art and I really hope it works out.  Well here's to the New Year, I'm excited to spend  the year with Michelle and too see how it all pans out. ... Cheers.

This is just a little sketch I did with watercolour pencils. 

Christmas card Illustration

I recently was contracting through RepArt to illustrate a Christmas card for a Canadian Law Firm.  RepArt did a great job of facilitating this project.  The top one is my original illustration which I liked quite abit but the second one is the direction they ended up taking. 


Article in the Georgia Straight

A couple of weeks ago the Georgia Straight. The definitive arts and culture weekly editorial in Vancouver ran an interview with me, Here's the link. 


New Blog

I made my front page into this Blog Roll so that I can post upcoming and ongoing evnts..

Confucious says; " The best time to start  something was 20 years ago, the second best time is now". 


So please check back often to find out about Art events around the city..